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Facials / Chemical Peels

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Facial treatments are beneficial for everyone, even those who do not have skin complaints.

Facials cleanse the skin removing any dirt and / or bacteria which can help rejuvenate the skin and improve tone and texture.

We offer a variety of facials for different end goals with our most popular being the Gold facial. This facial is a micro-needling procedure that deposits hyaluronic acid, and Botox into the top layer of the skin which can reduce pore size, and a smooth finishing texture.

With our facials a chemical peel can be added as an addition or done alone. Chemical Peels can improve the skin’s appearance removing blemishes, dark spots, acne, and more.

During this process a chemical solution is applied to the skin which causes the skin to exfoliate and peel off over time.

Once completed the new skin will possibly be smoother, have less visible spotting, less wrinkles, and more.

Not everyone is a good candidate for a chemical peel and it is important to speak to a skincare specialist to see if you could benefit.

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