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In years past, we would all splash around in the sun, lay out, and enjoy our wonderfully tan skin and highlighted hair without a thought. Nowadays we understand that prolonged sun exposure can have serious side effects.

In a recent interview on Santa Clarita’s Hometown Station KHTS, the Senior Hour, hosts Barbara Cochran and Dr. Gene Dorio invited guest Angie Leonard, owner of and practitioner at Hestia Medical Spa to talk about treatments, options, and warnings related to sun damage on the show.

Founded in 2020, Hestia medical spa is owned by Angie Leonard, a registered nurse and a veteran. She started her dream medical spa with a mission prioritizing treating everyone who walks through their doors like family, giving them the best beauty and medical care possible.

“Hestia’s Med Spa mission is to provide services personalized to each client to enhance their natural beauty in a safe and relaxed environment. We strive to give our clients a renewed sense of self by helping them look as good as they feel,” said Hestia Medical Spa.

As beneficial as sunshine is, it can quickly become damaging and harmful if exposed for too long. Leaving behind sun spots and even cancer, the sun can really do a number on us. At Hestia Medical Spa, their experts have treatments to remove dark spots as well as premium, high-quality sunscreen. Wearing sunscreen after receiving a skin treatment is vital due to the vulnerable state of the skin stated Angie Leonard.

“At Hestia we create an effective and rejuvenating experience in an atmosphere where both men & women feel comfortable. We want to provide unsurpassable customer service, as we proudly strengthen and maintain mutually rewarding relationships built upon expertise, client experience and the ability to deliver incomparable treatment and outcomes,” said Hestia Medical Spa.

With facials, chemical peels, injectable lifts and fillers, body sculpting, and even IV therapy are all available at Hestia Medical Spa today. The staff there are all medical professionals with years of experience and are ready and eager to serve you.

To find out more or research Hestia Medical Spa’s procedures and treatments, click here.

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