Hestia Medical Spa - Santa Clarita Med Spa

Has your skin care been lacking? No matter what magic creams you buy, that one problem just won’t go away?

It may be time to upgrade your regimen with professional treatments at Hestia Medical Spa.

Hestia Medical Spa is unique, in that they prioritize health and safety in treatments and procedures in an uncommon way. They believe that no treatment or procedure should be performed by someone who is not a medical professional, which is why their staff is composed of registered nurses (RN’s) and physician’s assistants (PA’s), not just trainee’s and beauty bloggers.

Registered nurse and military veteran Angie Leonard opened Hestia Medical Spa in 2020 with a vision of safe, effective, medical-grade beauty and health treatments for her community here in Santa Clarita.

Seeing a need for higher training in the beauty treatment industry, Angie Leonard stepped up to answer that call.

“At Hestia we create an effective and rejuvenating experience in an atmosphere where both men & women feel comfortable. We want to provide unsurpassable customer service, as we proudly strengthen and maintain mutually rewarding relationships built upon expertise, client experience and the ability to deliver incomparable treatment and outcomes,” said Hestia Medical Spa.

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Hestia Medical Spa offers a variety of treatments, including fillers, neuromodulators, Kybella, body sculpting, facials, chemical peels, IV therapy and IM injections, laser hair removal, and other treatments.

The caring and knowledgeable staff at Hestia Medical Spa want you to feel safe in their care, enjoying the lasting effects of their beauty and health treatments.

Working on your skin is by no means a necessity, but having the bounces back in your cheeks might just give you that youthful bounce in your step, strutting through life with confidence and strength. Feeling confident in your looks is powerful, and can change your life for the better.

One of the most popular treatments at Hestia Medical Spa is their Gold Facial. A micro-needling procedure that deposits hyaluronic acid and Botox to the very top layer of the skin, reducing pore size and improving texture.

Chemical peels are different from facials, designed more to remove scars and unwanted surface texture, such as blemishes, dark spots, and acne. Find out if your skin is a good candidate for these tougher treatments today by consulting with one of the experienced professionals at Hestia Medical Spa.

To find out more or research Hestia Medical Spa’s procedures and treatments, click here.

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