Do you feel like your lips disappear when you smile or feel insecure about your pout? Hestia Medical Spa in Santa Clarita can give you the pucker of your dreams.

Though injectable fillers have cultivated a bad rap, this is mostly due to irresponsible injectors who don’t encourage their clients’ to enhance their natural beauty instead of completely transforming them.

At Hestia Medical Spa, the trained and licensed staff uphold a strong standard of encouragement and integrity. Their goal is to help you achieve your goal of enhancing your natural beauty, and will never push for extra injections that you don’t need.

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Hestia Medical Spa joined the Santa Clarita beauty community in 2020, founded by Angie Leonard, a veteran and registered nurse. With over a decade of medical work and a dream to open a spa focused on confidence, wellness, and beauty, Angie Leonard and her staff are dedicated to helping you boost your confidence.

According to Hestia Medical Spa, fillers are a great resource for anyone who wants to plump up their pout. Injectable fillers are a temporary cosmetic procedure which will give the lips a fuller, more plump look.

“The most common types of fillers are hyaluronic acid (found in the human body) and collagen (which are now used less in treatments). The benefits of using one of our hyaluronic acid fillers are: less bruising, longer lasting results, less allergic reactions, and quickly dissolved bumps from the injection sites,” stated Hestia Medical Spa.

With a plethora of options, Hestia Medical Spa uses a variety of injectable fillers to smooth out wrinkles, plump lips, lift cheeks, shape chins and noses, and more! The use of fillers aren’t limited to the face, as they can be used in the hands as well.

“At Hestia we create an effective and rejuvenating experience in an atmosphere where both men & women feel comfortable. We want to provide unsurpassable customer service, as we proudly strengthen and maintain mutually rewarding relationships built upon expertise, client experience and the ability to deliver incomparable treatment and outcomes,” said Hestia Medical Spa.

To find out more or research Hestia Medical Spa’s procedures and treatments, click here.

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