Hestia Medical Spa - Facials

At Hestia Medical Spa, we are all about safe skincare and beauty procedures that help men and women feel good in their skin.

Our mission is to give every client a renewed sense of self while practicing safe protocol with our many different treatments.

Our Neuromodulators at Hestia are Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin that can all treat fine lines and even more health conditions, depending on which substance. Botox, being one of the most popular, can help migraine sufferers, and other muscular conditions, such as neck spasms and lazy eye.

Dysport aims at the fine lines in the forehead, laugh lines, and crows feet and eliminates the wrinkles for a more smooth finish in the skin.

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Xeomin also treats just like Botox does, just without a protein. Side effects do occur with any of our procedures, and talking to your primary care doctor before starting a treatment is a must.

We carry out a safe environment for all of our clients since opening our doors last year in Santa Clarita, and we plan to keep our business growing.

Besides injections, we offer IV treatment, laser treatments and hair removal, body sculpting and more!

It’s time to feel healthy and beautiful in your skin again.

Let us help you reach your goals in feeling rejuvenated again! For booking an appointment with us, please call (661) 753-3434 today.

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